Student Activities

Various formal and informal activities are available to Oak Hill students, such as Orchestra, Student Council, the School Newspaper, and much more . . .


The Oak Hill Orchestra welcomes any student from the fourth grade and up who is actively learning his or her instrument.

Science Fair:

Students from fourth through twelfth grade are led by our science teacher, Mrs. Door, to show off their ingenuity.

Medieval Day:

Elementary school students spend the day learning about medieval life and customs. Students dress up in costumes, build model castles, and have a medieval feast.

Student Council:

Student Council is a collection of students working to organize various other activities at Oak Hill, such as our yearly Operation Christmas Child, and Talent Show.


School Recitations:

Recitations are events during school hours, during which classes from all age groups publicly present what they have learned. These may include musical performances and poetry recitations. Parents are encouraged to come to these events.

School Newspaper:

The Quill is a newspaper put together by students at Oak Hill. The paper is printed about four times every year, and the website is updated regularly with all the going-ons at Oak Hill.

Chess Club:

Students from fourth through twelfth grade are welcome at Oak Hill’s chess club every Friday. Students are taught the beauty and strategy of chess, and have fun playing games against each other.

Latin Club:

Latin Club is led by Miss Kelly Lawyer.  Students of all ages learn more about the Roman language, as well as their customs, mythology and everyday life.